Capture & Preset File Management

Saving & Opening Captures

To save your current capture tab, click File > Save Capture. To open an existing capture file (.sal file format), click File > Open Capture.

Saving & Opening Presets

The most recently used capture settings should be automatically loaded in the Logic 2 software upon opening the app. You can also save and load capture settings presets as needed.

Please note that when connecting our USB 3.0 Logic analyzers (Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 16) via a USB 2.0 cable, capture settings will not persist when closing and re-opening the software. In this case, we recommend saving capture setting presets as described below.

To open the Presets window, click File > Presets from the top menu.

This will open the Presets window below. From here, you can manage capture setting presets for the software. To share your presets with others, you can export your preset and import it into a new PC. Click on the 3 dots to the right of your preset to open up the options menu for that preset. This will allow you to load, rename, export, or delete you preset. To import a preset, click the Import button at the bottom of the Presets window.

Backing Up your Presets or Bulk Transferring Presets

Your Logic software's settings, including Logic Preset configurations, are stored in a config.json file. This config file can be found in the location described in the support article below.

pageLocation of Your Config File

You may want to backup your config file in case you wanted to backup all of the Logic Presets that you have created. This will also allow you to transfer all of your Logic Presets to another PC.

Legacy Capture Files (.logicdata files)

To manage and open legacy capture files that were generated using the older Logic 1.x software (in .logicdata file format), you will need a copy of the older Logic 1.x software installed on your PC. Currently, we don't have a way of importing these capture files into the Logic 2 app. We're currently tracking user need for this feature in the idea post here.

For now, please refer to the support article below for more information on this topic.

pageOpening .logicdata Capture Files

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