Capture & Preset File Management

Saving & Opening Captures

To save your current capture tab, click the Options button at the bottom right of the software, and click "Save Capture." To open an existing capture file (.sal file format), click the Options button and click "Open Capture."
Saving and opening captures

Saving & Opening Presets

The most recently used capture settings should be automatically loaded in the Logic 2 software upon opening the app. You can also save and load capture settings presets as needed. To open the Presets window, click the Options button at the bottom-right of the software, then click Presets.
Opening the Presets Window
This will open the Presets window below. From here, you can manage capture setting presets for the software. To share your presets with others, you can export your preset and import it into a new PC. Click on the 3 dots to the right of your preset to open up the options menu for that preset. This will allow you to load, rename, export, or delete you preset. To import a preset, click the Import button at the bottom of the Presets window.
Preset Window

Logic 1.x

If you are using the older Logic 1.x software, the following images and instructions apply.

Saving Captures

Note: Saving a capture only saves the currently selected tab.
To save your current capture, click the Options menu on the top right of the software and select Save capture. You can also press CTRL-S.

Opening Captures

To open a previously saved capture, click the Options menu on the top right of the software and select Open Capture. You can also press CTRL-O.
You can also drag a capture file into the Logic software.
On Windows, you can double-click a capture file to open it in the Logic software.

Saving Capture Settings

To save your capture settings, click the Options button at the top right and select Save Setup. From there, you will be prompted to save a .logicsettings file. The .logicsettings file will save the settings associated with the current active tab. You can find the tabs at the bottom of the software UI.

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