Linux Permission Requirements for Logic Software

The Logic 2 software is provided in an AppImage format, which contains all the files needed for the software to run.

For information on how to run this file properly, please see the support article below and navigate to the Linux section.


Logic 1.x

The information below only applies to versions 1.2.18 and prior. We highly suggest updating your software to Logic 2 to avoid the Linux permission issues described below. A udev rules file (or equivalent) is still required to access Saleae devices.

The Logic 1.2.18 (and prior) software on Linux requires write permissions to several directories in order to run. These directories are relative to the Logic binary and need to exist for the software to run. They are not automatically generated by the software.

These directories are:

  • Directory containing the Logic binary

  • .\Databases

  • .\Errors

  • .\Settings

  • .\Calibration (this directory is generated by the software and may not be present before the software is run for the first time)

The software also requires read access to all files and folders that are in the same directory as the binary, including:

  • .\Analyzers

  • .\

The Drivers folder is not used by the software and not required. It contains a udev rules file and an installer script.

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