Common Acronyms and Definitions

  • MSPS
    or MS/s
    megasamples per second, or millions of samples per second
  • kSPS
    or kS/s
    kilosamples per second, or thousands of samples per second
  • SPS
    or S/s
    samples per second
  • V
  • mV
    millivolt, or a thousandth of a volt
  • s
  • ms
    millisecond, or a thousandth of a second
  • us
    microsecond, or a millionth of a second
  • ns
    nanosecond, or a billionth of a second
  • I2C
    Inter-Integrated Circuit
  • SPI
    Serial Peripheral Interface
  • SWI
    Single Wire Interface (Atmel)
  • CAN
    Controller Area Network
  • HDLC
    High-level Data Link Control
    High-Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control
  • I2S
    Inter-IC Sound
  • PCM
    Pulse-Code Modulation
  • JTAG
    Joint Test Action Group
  • LIN
    Local Interconnect Network
  • MDIO
    Management Data Input/Output
  • MIDI
    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • SMBus
    System Management Bus
  • SWD
    Serial Wire Debug
  • UNI/O
    (not an acronym), a protocol made by Microchip
    Universal Serial Bus Low Speed / Full Speed
  • Baud rate
    data rate measured in bits per second
  • MSB
    most significant bit
  • LSB
    least significant bit
  • Parity
    additional information added to the data to provide error detection information
  • Processing backlog
    In the Saleae software, the data recorded from the device is transformed to the storage format as it is recorded, in near-real time. If the process is unable to keep up with the recording in real time, the processing backlog will grow as unprocessed data are buffered.
  • Trigger backlog
    In the Saleae software, when the trigger is used, the processed data are then fed into the trigger in near real-time. If the trigger thread is unable to process the already transformed data in real time, the trigger backlog will grow as processed (but not yet searched) data are buffered.
  • MHz (Megahertz)
    Millions of cycles per second. It is a measure of frequency, usually in reference to bandwidth.
  • Protocol Analyzer
    A software plugin for the Saleae software that will decode standardized signals into bytes.