What Accessories Should I Purchase with My Device?

Each Saleae logic analyzer comes complete with all the accessories needed to fully utilize it—wire harnesses, clips, a USB cable, and a carry case. The complete list of what's included can be found below.

pageWhat Is Included with the Product?

However, if you would like to purchase additional accessories, you can find the complete listing here: https://www.saleae.com/accessories

Accessories marked as "Gen 2" are designed to be used with the following Saleae devices:

  • Logic 8, Logic Pro 8, Logic Pro 16, and Logic 4 (discontinued)

Accessories marked "Gen 1" are for the following discontinued products

  • Original Logic (discontinued) and Logic16 (discontinued)

Generally, extra accessories will make it easier to switch between different projects or integrate the logic analyzer into a custom design.

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