Extensions are feature additions built in python which can be installed to your Logic 2.x software. We currently support the following types of extensions.

The API documentation for building your own extensions can be found below:

Extension Components

An extension consists of at least two files, all of which should be stored in the same folder.

  • an extension.json file, which stores information about the extension

  • one or more python source files

The Extensions panel button

Installing an Extension

  1. Click the 'Extensions' panel button on the right of the software

  2. Click 'Create Extension'

  3. A pop-up window will appear. Under 'Load existing extension', click 'select .json file'

  4. Navigate to the extension you would like to add and select its extension.json file.

  5. Once added, you will see the new extension appear in the 'Extensions' panel of the software