FCC and CE Testing Recommendations

We occasionally get questions from new hardware companies or individuals interested in launching a hardware product. We try to share our experiences as much as we can in hopes that it might benefit others.

One question we are asked ever so often is how we handle compliance testing and certification of our products, most commonly FCC and CE testing.

There is an enormous amount of information Internet about how to do this, and we recommend taking a look.

Here is our recommendation. Ask your manufacturing partners. The odds are that if you’re working with a medium-sized or large PCB assembly house or complete electronics manufacturing service (EMS), they will have testing partners they prefer to work with. This is helpful for several reasons, but one of the biggest is the potential for cost savings. In general, we recommend using a testing service in Asia, but you will probably end up paying even less if you use a testing service in Asia through a connection with your manufacturer.

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