Connection Conflicts with USB Debuggers

We've received reports of PC connections to our logic analyzer becoming unstable when a USB debugger is connected to the same PC. One such example is the ST-Link V2.
By connecting our Logic analyzer and USB debugger in a particular order, in addition to starting our Logic 2 app and the usb debugger's particular IDE software in a particular order, users have found ways to stabilize the connection.
For example, a common workaround is described below for the ST-Link V2:
  1. 1.
    Disconnect both the ST-Link V2 and the Saleae Logic analyzer from your PC
  2. 2.
    Open the Logic 2 app
  3. 3.
    Connect your Saleae Logic to your PC. The Logic 2 app should connect successfully to your Logic analyzer.
  4. 4.
    Connect the ST-Link V2 to your PC
Other USB debuggers and IDE software that have been reported to conflict with our Logic analyzer are listed below:
  • Segger J-Link
  • Atmel JTAGICE3
  • Atmel-ICE
  • Atmel Studio
We're currently tracking reports of this issue in the idea forum post here. Feel free to comment on the forum post if you're running into the same issue.