Finding Your USB 3.0 Host Controller Information

Finding Your USB 3.0 Host Controller Information

Note: This article only applies to the Logic 1 software, and does not apply to the Logic 2 Alpha. Logic 2 users can get their host controller data from device manager, in the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" section.

On Windows, the latest Saleae software has a feature to automatically retrieve this information.

First, open the options menu and select Preferences.

step 1

Second, navigate to the USB Host Controllers tab.

step 2

There, you will find a list of all USB host controllers installed in your system. Note: The "Status: Up to date" message is not accurate and is just a placeholder until we add automatic detection in a future software update.

step 3

For support finding the latest driver for your host controller, or on the request of support, please take a screenshot of the contents of this tab and send it to Saleae support.

You can find a complete list of the latest driver releases for Windows 7 below:

OS X and Linux

On OSX and Linux, the USB host controller drivers are included with the operating system and cannot be updated separately.

On OSX, components of the USB 3.0 stack are frequently updated with other operating system updates. We recommend keeping your OS X installation fully up-to-date, including using the latest release of OS X.

On Linux, the xhci_hcd kernel module is released with the kernel and can only be realistically updated by updating the kernel. If requesting driver information for Linux, please provide the kernel version with "uname -r" and the list of installed host controllers with "lspci -k".