Logic Dimensions

Below are several recommendations for integrating the Saleae devices into new designs.

1. Add Male Headers to your PCB

You can add 4x2 male headers to your PCB and use the Saleae accessory cable "Logic-to-2x4 Header (Gen 2)" to connect any of the current Saleae logic analyzers to your circuit. Accessories can be purchased here.

Our 4x2 connectors are comprised of:

The Gen 2 accessories are compatible with these devices:

  • Logic 4

  • Logic 8

  • Logic Pro 8

  • Logic Pro 16

The Gen 1 accessories are compatible with these devices:

  • original Logic (discontinued)

  • original Logic16 (discontinued)

2. Add Female right-angle / Vertical headers to your PCB

You can add female right-angle headers to the edge of your board, or vertical headers to mount the logic analyzer vertically to your board.

Below are diagrams of the connectors on the new Saleae logic analyzers. Note that Logic 8 and Logic Pro 8 have the same dimensions.

Dimensions for the Connectors

The dimensions for the connectors on our Logic products are available on OnShape, named Saleae Pinout Gen2. A free account is required with OnShape to view them.

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