Navigating Your Data

In the Logic 2 software, several methods exist for navigating your data. Here are some of the most common methods.

Marquee Zoom: Zooming by Drag Select

Marquee zoom (i.e. zooming in by drag-selecting a region of the waveform) is available on analog channels.
Marquee Zoom
  • Use Alt-Drag for XY Range Zoom
  • Ctrl-Drag Up/Down for Y (Voltage) Range Zoom
  • Ctrl-Drag Left/Right for X (Time) Range Zoom

Zooming, Panning, & Jumping to Edges

Zooming In and Out
Mouse Wheel
Up/Down Arrow Keys =/- Keys
Panning Left and Right
Mouse Click and Drag
Left/Right Arrow Keys
Jump to Next Edge Offscreen
Click the "Next Edge" button, which appears when hovering the mouse on the right side of the channel (image shown below).
  • Ctrl + Right Arrow (Win/Linux)
  • Cmd + Right Arrow (MacOS)
Jump to Previous Edge Offscreen
Click the "Previous Edge" button, which appears when hovering the mouse on the left side of the channel.
  • Ctrl + Left Arrow (Win/Linux)
  • Cmd + Left Arrow (MacOS)
"Next Edge" button

X-Axis Discrete Zoom Level

In addition to using the keyboard shortcuts described above for zooming in and zooming out, the Logic 2 software allows you to set a discrete zoom level. The setting for this is located at the bottom-right of the software as shown in the image below.
Discrete Zoom Level Setting

Y-Axis Zoom for Analog Channels

The Y-axis zoom level for analog channels can be adjusted by hovering over the icon shown in the image below. It will appear at the top-right of an analog channel when hovering over that channel.
Y-Axis icon at the top right of an analog channel
While hovering over the icon, several Y-axis zoom adjustment options become available as shown in the image below. These include:
  • Y zoom-out / zoom-in / Y fit
  • XY zoom-out / zoom-in / XY fit
Y-axis zoom options

More Ways of Navigating your Data

To view many more ways to navigate your data, you may open the Keyboard Shortcuts menu from within the Logic 2 software. More information on this can be found below.