Error Message: Failed to Load Custom Analyzer
This support article describes some common errors that you may run into when attempting to load a custom low level analyzer into the Logic 2 app.

Initial Error Message on MacOS

When first attempting to import a custom analyzer on MacOS, please follow the workaround below.
Failed to load custom analyzer... Unable to load library...
Initial Error upon Loading LLA on MacOS
  1. 1.
    Open the Terminal (open Spotlight -> search "Terminal" -> press enter)
  2. 2.
    navigate to the directory containing your custom analyzer (e.g. cd ~/Downloads/mylla)
  3. 3.
    run the following command, replacing libYourCustomAnalyzer.dylib with your analyzer's file name:
    install_name_tool -change @executable_path/libAnalyzer.dylib @rpath/libAnalyzer.dylib libYourCustomAnalyzer.dylib
  4. 4.
    close the terminal, and open the Logic 2 application again.
This will change how the custom analyzer library locates the libAnalyzer.dylib library, which has a different relative path than the older Logic 1.x software.
You may see the same error on Linux or Windows. If this happens, there may be a problem with the custom analyzer you are trying to load. Please contact the analyzer author or Saleae support. Error on MacOS

When attempting to run the Logic 2 software on MacOS, the following error message may appear.
Failed to load custom analyzer (/Applications/ Unable to load library
Failed to load midi analyzer
The workaround we've found is to update to the latest version of MacOS, since our build system for Logic 2 typically targets that. When running an older version of MacOS, the error message above may appear.
If you require using an older MacOS version and cannot update for whatever reason, you may delete from the specified folder to get rid of the error message. This just means that you cannot use the pre-installed MIDI protocol analyzer. So long as you don't plan on analyzing MIDI data, this is OK to do.

Symbol not found: __ZTISt12out_of_range

When attempting to load a low level analyzer, we've heard of a handful of reports for the following error, which ultimately causes the load operation to fail.
failed to open library /Users/username/CustomAnalyzer/build/Analyzers/ with error: dlopen(/Users/username/CustomAnalyzer/build/Analyzers/, 6): Symbol not found: __ZTISt12out_of_range We're not sure what's causing this, though we are able to reproduce the issue locally using the same compiler that we use to compile our application, and the exact same version of libc++.1.dylib. A quick search found another user of the AnalyzerSDK with the same issue in the blog post here. We've tested it locally, and adding "-lc++" before -lAnalyzer fixed it.
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Initial Error Message on MacOS Error on MacOS
Symbol not found: __ZTISt12out_of_range