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Request a Quote

To receive a quote, please fill out our Quote Request Form. Afterwards, one of our representatives will follow up with you via email.

Quote Request Form Not Working?

Unfortunately, our quote request form may be commonly blocked by internal company networks for security reasons. If the quote request form is blocked on your end, please contact support and send in the following information.

If placing a PO, please review PO limitations below:

For reference, please see the list of products we sell below:

Information Required for Quote

    Email address
    How will you place your order? (select an option below)
    Products and Quantity
    Shipping City and Country
    Shipping Option (select an option below)
      Use Saleae's shipping account - shipping costs will be added to the quote
      Use your own shipping account (only via PO)

Optional Information

    Shipping Carrier & Account Number (only if placing a PO)
    Full Name
    Company Name
    Shipping Address
    Billing Address
    Phone Number
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