The Options Button is Missing

On Windows Vista through Windows 10, the older software (up to and including 1.1.18) uses a theme that causes the software background to match the system color scheme. However, the options menu and timing display are always white, which can be very hard to see when the system window color is very light.

Clicking the Options Button Underneath the 'X'

If you can't see the options menu button because your theme is set to white, try clicking about a quarter inch below the 'X' button on the window title.

Three Solutions to make the Options button visible:

  1. Update to the new software, which does not use aero glass.

  2. Disable the aero theme option in the Saleae software.

  3. Change the system window theme color to a darker color. That can no longer be done in Windows 10 since the system color no longer applies to Applications, which always use white.

Disabling the Aero Theme in the Older Software (Up To and Including 1.1.18)

Options menu -> preferences -> aesthetics tab. Use Aero Glass style -> No. Restart software.

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