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The Software Will Not Install or Run Properly
The Logic Software Fails to Launch on Windows
The Logic Software Crashes
Getting the Console Output
The Device Is Not Connecting
Troubleshooting the Software Connection to the Device
The Device Does Not Connect to the Software (Depreciated)
Error Message: ReadTimeout
The Captured Data Looks Incorrect
The Captured Data is Corrupted
A Protocol Analyzer Produces Unexpected Results
The 'Waiting for Trigger' Window Never Closes
Device USB VID and PID Information
Error Message: Out of Memory Exception Was Thrown
PC Performance Issues with Logic
Data Export Is Not Working
Error Message: A Logic Device Was Found, but There Was a Problem Connecting to It
Trouble Downloading the Latest Software
Logic Does Not Connect over USB 3.0
Why Am I Seeing Spikes in the Digital Capture?
Logic Interferes with My Circuit Operation
The Add Analyzer Menu Is Not Displaying
Other Drivers Interfere with Logic's Operation
The Maximum Sample Rate is Not Selectable
The Digital and Analog Recording on the Same Channel Appear Different
Advanced USB Debugging for USB 3.0 Users with Linux Kernels 3.3 and Older
Driver Install Fails on Windows XP
Saving or Loading Anything Crashes the Software
Error Message: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)
Memory Usage with Triggered Captures
The Cabinet File has an Invalid Digital Signature
Software Crashes with Virtual Desktops
Pre-Trigger Buffer is Incomplete
Linux Shared Memory Crash
The Software Fails to Launch on Fedora
Missing Files: api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll or msvcp140.dll
The Decoded Protocols Window Shows Incorrect Results
Known Issues on OS X
A Measurement Appears Incorrect
All Known Issues
USB 3.0 Cable Customer Notice
Warning Message: Logic Pro is running as a USB 2.0 device
Software Issues with Encryption Products
Linux Permission Requirements for Logic Software
My Rise Time and Fall Time Measurements Seem Incorrect
The Analog Waveform Loads Very Slowly after Capture Is Complete
Input Channels are Missing
Exported MATLAB File Does Not Open
Saleae Logic LED Blinks Red
Crashes Caused by macOS Mojave (10.14)
Troubleshooting Signal Crosstalk
Error Message: DeviceSetupFailure
Error Message: Unable to detect WebGL
Sharing your Machine ID
Warning Message: Unsupported Version
Error Function: Device2::SetupDevice
Warning Message: Possible USB Driver Problem Detected
Error Message: StartCommandError