Mouse Scrolling Issues

There have been some reports of the following mouse model(s) showing odd behavior while using its scroll wheel in the Logic 2 app.

  • Logitech MX Master 3

Issue Description

Specifically when using the Logic 2 app, the scroll wheel (either its horizontal or vertical scroll wheel) will stop working in a seeminly random fashion. More commonly, the scroll wheel may work for a brief moment, and will stop working once that moment has passed. The arrow keys and the click-and-drag method will continue to work for panning and zooming your capture.

It seems that switching to another application, using the scroll wheel in that application, then subsequently going back to the Logic 2 app may allow the scroll wheel to function properly again.

Known Workaround

If you experience the above behavior (or something similar), please verify if your mouse has dedicated software that allows you to customize and change its settings.

For example, the Logitech MX Master 3 has software called Logitech Options, which provides an option for “smooth scrolling.” Users have reported that enabling this setting solves their scrolling issues. You may need to experiment with the settings available for your specific mouse.

Although we haven't found the root cause of this issue, feel free to contact us in case you may be using a different mouse model, or if the above solutions don't work for you.

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