Before installing the software, please review the supported operating systems in the link below.

pageSupported Operating Systems

The software is available free of charge, and can be installed on as many machines as you like. The latest release of the Logic 2 software can be downloaded here!

Ubuntu Instructions

The Logic 2 software is provided in an AppImage format, which contains all the files needed for the software to run. In Linux, you may need to allow executing the file as a program. To do this:

1. Right-click the AppImage file and click Properties 2. Check the box that says "Allow executing file as program" as shown in the image below.

3. Alternatively, you can run the following command to allow exectuing the file as a program.

chmod +x Logic-2.x.xx-master.AppImage

4. Once the file is allowed to execute as a program, simply double-click the AppImage file to launch the software, or run it from the command line.


Issues with Running the AppImage File

Starting Ubuntu 24.04, you may need to run our app with the --no-sandbox argument like so. Otherwise, the app may fail to launch.

./Logic-2.x.xx-master.AppImage --no-sandbox

In other error cases (not common), you can attempt to extract the Logic binary from the AppImage file with the following command.

./Logic-2.x.xx-master.AppImage --appimage-extract

This will dump the contents to a new directory called squashfs. You can then try to run the Logic binary directly from there.

MacOS Instructions

First, double-click the Logic 2 .zip file available on our download page. This will extract the Logic 2 application file. From here, you can double click the Logic2 app to run it.

Alternatively, you can also drag the Logic2 app file into your Applications folder in case you would like to have the app appear in Launchpad.

Windows Instructions

Simply download and run the installer available on our download page. We install a driver for the Logic hardware as part of the installation process, so you will be prompted to trust software from Saleae.

Install Errors

In case you run into any installation issues, please refer to the support article below.

pageInstallation Errors

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