Crashes Caused by macOS Mojave (10.14)

We have recently received reports that our Logic 1.x software crashes after updating macOS to Mojave (10.14). We're very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We have released an interim fix below.

Logic 1.x - Download the Interim Fix (macOS)

We have released an interim fix for this issue. Please try running this version of the software for macOS:

Logic 1.x - Opening v1.2.33 Capture Files in Windows

Capture files generated by software v1.2.33 above will need to be opened by the appropriate version of the software in Windows. To open these capture files on Windows (64-bit Win10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP), you will need to download the following version:

Otherwise, if the software fix above doesn't solve this issue, please contact support with the following information.

Please Perform the Following Steps

  1. Disconnect any logic analyzers from the computer

  2. Delete settings.xml located below (Showing the Library folder should be enabled. Instructions Here​)

  1. Open the software while no logic analyzer is connected

  2. Collect the console output from the software. Instructions below.

  1. Collect the error reports on your computer, located in the folder below.

  1. If any error message or log is displayed when trying to open the software, please send its contents

  2. Collect all *.crash files related to the Logic software. It will start with "Logic_*" and is located below.

    • For example: "Logic_2018-10-19-081659_Marks-MacBook.crash"


Information to Send

  1. MacOS version (should be 10.14, Mojave)

  2. Version of the Logic software

  3. Confirm that you ran the tests without a device connected

  4. Confirm that you ran the test after deleting settings.xml

  5. Copy of the console output

  6. Copy of the error reports on your computer

  7. Copy of any error message log that macOS might report

  8. Copy of the *.crash files from our Logic software

  9. Confirm if you have used a previous version of our software in the past (1.2.30 or later). We have found it to cause similar issues, which are fixed by deleting settings.xml

  10. Confirm your your MacOS language setting