Error: A device was found, but it was removed before initialization completed

This error message may appear during device operation, or upon connecting your Logic device. This error appears when the Logic app detects that a device gets physically disconnected from the PC during initialization. This could be due to a bad USB connection, a faulty USB host controller driver, a fauly Logic pod, or other unkown reasons which might cause the USB connection to time-out during initialization.
A device was found, but it was removed before initialization completed


1. Test your Logic hardware using the latest version of the Logic 2 software.
2. Test your Logic hardware on another PC.
3. Test your Logic hardware using other USB ports, and connect directly to the PC's USB port without any extension cables or USB hubs in between.
4. Test your Logic hardware using another USB cable.
5. Try removing all other USB devices from your PC before connecting Logic.
6. Most commonly, users have reported issues with certain versions of Intel's USB 3.1 eXtensible Host Controller driver like shown in the image below. The issues were solved by navigating to the USB host controller driver from Device Manager, uninstalling the driver (click "Uninstall Device" under the Driver tab in Device Manager), and restarting the PC. In all cases, including our tests, the same version ended up being installed upon the PC restarting.
USB Host Controller Driver Tab

Contacting Support

If the error message persists, please contact us directly with the following information.
1. The results of the troubleshooting tests above.
2. Share your USB host controller information like shown in the support article below. Screenshots would be great.
3. Share your crash logs with us. To collect logs on windows, you can run the application from the console like so: cd "\Program Files\Logic" Logic.exe The logs will be printed directly to the console while the application is running. Then, please reproduce the connection error 3 times, and close the application. Finally, copy & paste the terminal output into a txt file and send that to us in an attachment.
4. Let us know which specific Saleae Logic model you own. You can refer to the support article below.
5. Share your Machine ID.