About Third-Party Extensions

Our Extensions Marketplace allows you to publish extensions that you create, or to install extensions published by other members of the community. Extensions are community-written Python modules. Extensions are not installed automatically, except for a few Saleae-created extensions.

Before installing an extension, please keep in mind the following:

  • Non-Saleae extensions were created and published by members of the community.

  • Saleae cannot endorse their contents.

  • Please treat extensions the same way you would other programs downloaded from the internet.

  • All extensions are open source and can viewed by clicking the “Repository” link in the extension details.

If you have any problems with an extension, please be sure to create an issue on the extension’s GitHub repository. If you suspect an extension does not comply with the Saleae Marketplace Partner Agreement, please contact Saleae support or click on the "Report" button from within the extension details.

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