How to Choose the Right Logic Analyzer for You

When choosing a logic analyzer to purchase, there are some capabilities and specifications to keep in mind.

You can find datasheets for the Saleae logic analyzers below.


We encourage you to look online for more information and compare the Saleae products against other available logic analyzers.

Below is a list of features to consider and compare when choosing a device. Details of each area can be found in the product data sheets, in the technical specifications on the Saleae home page, or in the user's guide.

  • Sample Rate and Bandwidth

    This is one of the limiting technical specifications of a logic analyzer. If your application operates at a data rate faster than the logic analyzer's bandwidth, you will not be able to record the signal.

  • Sample Buffer Depth / Recording Length

    Longer sample buffers allow you to see context around the event you're looking for. Extremely long sample buffers—in seconds, minutes, or even hours—lets you simply capture all activity at once without the need for complex triggering or modifications to your own design.

  • Analog Support

    The new Saleae products have low bandwidth analog data recording capability (ideal for recording low bandwidth analog signals over long periods of time) such as sensor outputs, battery voltages, and audio.

  • Supported IO Voltages, Differential, and RS-232/485 Support

    Make sure the logic analyzer supports the electrical specifications of your signal. All Saleae devices support 2.5V – 5V logic and RS-232/485 signals, but only some support 1.2 and 1.8 volt logic and CAN.

  • Software Features

    We're extremely proud of our software. Please download it and test it out! It operates in a full-featured demo mode when no device is attached.

  • Protocol Analyzers

    Our software ships with 20+ analyzers and includes an SDK for writing your own. The complete list can be found in the datasheets.

  • Output Capability

    Saleae devices are record-only and do not support output mode. If this is an important feature for you, please take a close look at other logic analyzers on the market.

  • Bus Adapters vs. Logic Analyzers

    The Saleae Logic software includes a number of protocol decoders, but if you're looking to exclusively do high-level protocol analysis on one or two protocols or if you're looking for a bus adapter that you can program from the PC, Saleae devices may not be the best option since they do not support output mode.

  • Reviews

    You can find reviews for our products on and You can also find many full product reviews on blogs all over the Internet. Just search for Saleae reviews.

  • Warranty and Return Policy

    Saleae has a 3-year warranty that covers accidental damage. We also have a 180-day return policy. In both cases, we provide shipping both ways. We work especially hard to make sure the process is painless, even for international customers.

  • Quality of Support

    We have live chat on our website (when we're not sleeping) and try to respond to all support emails within one business day.

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