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System Requirements for Saleae ProductsWhat Is the Normal Behavior of the LED?What Is the Difference between Logic/Logic16 (Gen1) and Logic 8/Pro 8/Pro 16 (Gen2)?Recommended USB 3.0 Host Controller CardsDevice Settings Configuration TipsWhat Is the Worst Case Channel to Channel Skew?What is Asynchronous Sampling?Which Saleae Products Can Decode 4-Bit Parallel LCD Communications?How Can I Compare Two Clock Signals for Synchronization and Drift?Converting I2S/PCM Captures into AudioMy Capture Shows an Uneven Duty CycleCan I Create or Edit .logicdata Files?Can Saleae Logic Run on ARM / Apple Processors?What Annotations Are Supported?Time & Memory Saving ToolsHow Can I Record Power Consumption?Moving Logic to Its Own Host ControllerHow Long Does It Take to Save a File?XMonad on Linux Causes IssuesWhat Is the Maximum Bandwidth of Logic?How Long Can I Record Data?Can I Export Protocol Results Between Timing Markers?Can I Generate an Analog Graph from Digital Data?Time Measurement ErrorCan These Products Replace an Oscilloscope?Can I Use Multiple Logics on a Single PC?Native Windowing Features Are Not Working Such as Snap or GesturesOpening .logicdata Capture FilesHow to Choose the Right Logic Analyzer for YouSaleae Open Source SupportHow to Trigger the End of a Capture Instead of the StartUsing the Hardware with USB Extension Cables, Through Virtual Machines, or Ethernet ExtendersAre the Ground Pins Required for Each Input Used?Can Saleae Products Output Data?Resolution of the Analog InputsHow Can I Analyze the USB Power Delivery Communication Protocol?What Sampling Rate Should I Use?Can I Share Data Captures with Others?Binary Export Format (Digital) - Logic 1.xMATLAB Data Export Format - Legacy Logic 1.xRecording Multiple Protocols at the Same TimeChanging the Display Radix (Base)Which Logic Analyzer Should I Get?How to View and Debug Firmware Variables, State, and Function CallsUsing Saleae Logic Devices with Third-Party Pattern GeneratorsCan Logic Operate with a Full-Speed USB Isolator?Which Saleae Devices Support Analog Recording?How to Manage Protocol Analyzers when Using the Socket APIHow to Export Serial Protocol Results to a Raw Binary FileHow to Trigger On a Pulse with No Maximum Time Limit - Logic 1.xFinding Your USB 3.0 Host Controller InformationLogic Reports Different USB Current RequirementsIs It Possible to Adjust the Logic Thresholds for the Digital Inputs?Why Does Channel 0 Use a Black Wire?Software Shows Multiple Logic Analyzers AttachedAre the Input Channels Isolated from Each Other?Are There Feature Differences in the Software when Different Logic Analyzers Are Used?Packet Level Decoding Support in the Analyzer SDKWhat Higher-Level Protocol Analysis Features Are Available?Support for USB 3.0 and USB 3.1How Can I Compare Signals from Different Captures?Do the Saleae Logic Analyzers Support Trigger Out?Why is the Length of my Capture Incorrect?The Options Button is MissingCan I Change the Voltage Range of the Analog Inputs?How Does the ASCII Radix Display Characters?Do I Have a USB 3.0 Port?What Is the Best Way to Compare Similar Sequences of Protocol Data?Which Version of the Software Should I Use?Import Custom Low Level AnalyzerOSX Analyzer SDK Xcode SetupCan Custom Analyzers Process Analog Channels?Automating Long Overnight CapturesWhat Options Are There to Export Multiple Protocol Analyzer Results into the Same File?Do the Saleae Devices Support AC Coupling?Suggestions for Capturing Multiple Instances of a Triggered Event AutomaticallyHow Many Protocol Analyzers Can Be Used at Once?Is It Possible to Run the Saleae Software on a PC without SSE2 Instructions?Is It Possible to Import Data into the Logic Software?How Do I Convert Exported CSV Analog Data in Voltages?Is There Cross-Platform Support for the SaleaeSocketApi C# ProjectWhy Does Logic Get Warm?Binary Export Format (Analog) - Logic 1.xElectrical Isolation SuggestionsFCC and CE Testing Recommendations'Save Capture' and 'Export Data' is Disabled in the SoftwareFile Format Description for Exporting Protocol Analyzer ResultsIs There a Newer Version of the Software Available?Is There a Way to Change the Window Resolution?How Can I Extract Recorded Data Using Socket API?Does the Software Support Windows 10 Tablets or Windows RT Tablets?Standalone Software InformationDoes the Saleae Software Support the Original Logic and Logic 16?Timing Markers Disappear When I Start a New CaptureWhat Sample Rate Settings Are Available? Can I Sample at a Slower Rate?How Do I Differentiate Data in the Export File when Duplicate Analyzers Are Used?Running Multiple Versions of the SoftwareTest Clip Differences - Gen 1 & Gen 2USB-C Cable RecommendationsIs My Capture Data Private?Ethernet Connectivity SuggestionsBinary Export Format - Logic 2Viewing I2C Addresses as 8-bitCan I use Python Packages in my Custom Extension?Are the Inputs Synchronously Sampled or Sweep Sampled?Is Logic Affected by the Log4j Exploit?Connecting Remotely with SSHIs Silent Installation Supported?Is the .sal File Format Documented?Export Data via Socket API

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