International Customs and Duty Information

International Customs and Duty Information

Saleae ships all international orders via FedEx.

For some countries, mainly EU member countries, Saleae offers the ability to pre-pay customs, which is usually VAT.

Due to the complexity of pre-paying duties and taxes, for all other countries, we do not offer the ability to pre-pay duties and taxes, and they will be due on delivery. Duties and taxes are collected differently in different countries.

When shipping the package, Saleae includes a Saleae packing list and a FedEx-generated commercial invoice, along with the normal shipping labels.

The commercial invoice includes the description, declared value, country of origin, and harmonized tariff codes for each item, as well as the quantity. This document is used to determine the taxes and duties charged.

Multiple copies are included with the shipment.

If you have any questions about the duties and taxes charged, please contact your local FedEx. If you have any questions about how the items were declared or have any other questions about shipping, please let us know.