Ethernet Connectivity Suggestions

Although Saleae logic analyzers don't have ethernet connectivity natively built in, external hubs such as the Silex DS-600 Ethernet-USB hub can provide a working solution.

Using our logic analyzer over ethernet provides some pros and cons:

  • Pros: Electrical isolation, long cable length, network availability for multiple PCs

  • Cons: Limited bandwidth and functionality

Limitations of Using Saleae Logic with the DS-600

Based on our tests, we have discovered the following limitations when using Saleae Logic over ethernet via DS-600 external hub. Please keep in mind that these results may vary depending on many factors such as available network bandwidth and PC specs.

  • Limited to 50 MS/s total digital bandwidth (e.g. 12.5 MS/s on 4 digital channels)

  • Limited to 6 MS/s total analog bandwidth (e.g 1.5 MS/s on 4 analog channels)

  • Cannot combine analog and digital recordings

These resulting limitations were gathered using the following test setup.

We've received feedback to create an ethernet-based logic analyzer. We are considering this for future generations of the hardware, so feel free to vote/comment your requirements on our ideas page here!

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