Logic 2 Software

Download & Installation

The latest version of the Logic 2 software can be downloaded below. This is the version we recommend using.

All previous versions of the Logic 2 software can be found below, including a history of the major updates that were implemented in each version.

Instructions for installation and solutions for commonly found errors can be found in the support article below.


Do you Provide a Standalone Version for Logic 2?

If you need a standalone version of the Logic 2 app, please contact support and we may be able to quickly build a copy if time permits.

Please be aware of the following requirements for the Windows standalone release:

  • The Microsoft Visual Studio runtime needs to be installed before the software will run.

  • If drivers are not already installed from a previous installation of the Logic software, you will need to install the drivers manually. You can find instructions for installing our drivers in the link below.

pageDriver Install

There are a few reasons we don't want to publish a standalone version of the Logic 2 app:

  1. We would either need to implement another auto-updater feature, or simply not support auto-update (this is not desired).

  2. We can't automate installing pre-requisites, and when we change pre-requisites (it may happen from time to time), it creates trouble for anyone trying to update their standalone version.

  3. Driver install will still require admin permissions and must be performed manually as mentioned above.

In case you would like us to provide a standalone version of our Logic 2 app that is immediately available for download, feel free to vote for it in the feature request post here. When voting for it, you can refer to Mark's comment to provide us with more information on your requirements and use case.

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