Error Function: Device2::SetupDevice

This error only affects Logic software versions 1.2.29 and older and has since been fixed in 1.2.40. Specifically, the logic software will run fine while a logic analyzer is not connected, but the moment a logic analyzer is connected, the Logic software will crash.

To solve this issue, we recommend using the following version of the software.

  • Logic 1.2.40 (Download link provided below)

pageLogic 1.x Download

In case you have any trouble with the solutions above, please contact us and we can help towards a resolution.

Background Information

When observing your crash logs files, you may notice the header line Function: Device2::SetupDevice, Line: 118 is present, as shown below.

Logic Assert Information
Version: 1.2.29
System: Windows 6.2
64-Bit Operating System
File: C:\Users\Username\Software\Logic\Source\Device2.cpp
Function: Device2::SetupDevice, Line: 118

The location of the generated crash logs can be found in the support article below.

pageGetting your Software Crash Logs

We discovered this to be a bug with our logic analyzers in combination with the following processors, OSes, and PC models.

  • Intel N4200

  • Intel N5000

  • Intel Celeron

  • Intel® Core i5-1035G4 (specifically found in Surface Pro 7)

  • MacOS Mojave

  • Microsoft Surface Book

  • Microsoft Surface Pro

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