Migrate Code to the New Analyzer SDK

This information applies for the Analyzer SDK 1.1.14 onwards.

Current custom analyzer code should work with the software without any changes to it. It only has to be built against the new analyzer library shipped with the new software.

However, code changes required to be made with the new SDK will include the analyzer's data in the Decoded Protocols (search) results.

Below is a description of the changes required to include an analyzer's data into the search results. The example below is based on Serial Analyzer's source code.

The latest source code to all analyzers can be found below.

pageProtocol Analyzer SDK

Update Steps

1. Inherit from Analyzer2 instead of Analyzer in the .h ex: SerialAnalyzer.h

class ANALYZER_EXPORT SerialAnalyzer : public Analyzer2

2. Implement the function SetupResults in .cpp ex: SerialAnalyzer.cpp

void SerialAnalyzer::SetupResults()   
    mResults.reset( new SerialAnalyzerResults( this, mSettings.get() ) );   
    SetAnalyzerResults( mResults.get() );   
    mResults->AddChannelBubblesWillAppearOn( mSettings->mInputChannel );   

The above code was previously implemented in

void SerialAnalyzer::WorkerThread()

Remove the three lines of code (now in SetupResults) from WorkerThread.

3. In the .cpp, in the implementation of

virtual void GenerateFrameTabularText (U64 frame_index, DisplayBase display_base );

Instead of using:

AddResultString( <string_name> );


AddTabularText( <string_name> );

and do not call


in this function.

If you are using SDK version >= 1.1.32, call


at the start of this function. The software will crash without this.

This should update your code to include results in search.

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