How Do I Get More Help on an Issue That's Outside the Scope of Saleae Support?

We occasionally receive technical support requests that are either tangentially related to our products or even unrelated to our products.

I thoroughly enjoy answering these questions to the best of my ability, providing the best advice I can, even if the solution does not involve our product. However, we're not always able to help as much as I would like, and our support system really isn't the ideal place for us to provide this kind of support.

If you're asking a combination of questions about our product, as well as questions not directly or indirectly related to our products, I strongly encourage you to also post your questions to Electrical Engineering Stack Overflow (

Then send us a link to your question! We can comment or answer it here so our commentary will be public, and others from the community can chime in as well.

Not sure if your question should go directly to support or to electrical engineering stack overflow? Here are some examples of questions that could be better serviced in a public forum:

  • help identifying an unknown protocol for a reverse engineering project

  • asking for recommendations about how to start learning about a specific area of electronics (examples: PCB layout, FPGAs)

  • questions about how to reverse engineer a device

  • questions about how to design cross-platform desktop software

In all cases, we encourage you to do as much research as you can before posting a question online or submitting one to support.

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