Opening .logicdata Capture Files

Capture files that were saved using the older Logic 1.x software will be in .logicdata format. Currently, these files can only be opened using the Logic 1.x software. In addition, .logicdata files generated using older versions of the Logic 1.x software can be opened by newer versions of the Logic 1.x software.

Please note that backward compatibility is not supported. This means you cannot open newer files with other versions of the software. The Logic 1.x software is available for download below.

pageLogic 1.x Download

What if I am using the newer Logic 2 app?

Unfortunately, .logicdata capture files generated by the Logic 1.x software are not compatible with the newer Logic 2 app, which uses a new .sal file format. When attempting to open a .logicdata file, the Logic 2 app will prompt you to download the Logic 1.x software.

Several users have expressed their need for .logicdata compatibility in Logic 2 in an idea post here. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We would appreciate your votes and comments on the idea post if you require .logicdata compatilibility in Logic 2.


To open both capture file types (.logicdata and .sal), you will need 2 versions of the Logic software installed.

Having both versions above installed will provide the ability to open capture files that were generated by any version of the Logic software that we have released in the past.

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