When Is My Card Charged?

The following information applies to orders placed directly on our website at www.saleae.com.

Direct Credit Card Payments

The first way to pay for orders is directly with your credit card. When you place an order with your credit card directly on our website, we process an authorization on your card using our credit card payment processor, stripe.com. At the time we ship your order, we charge against that authorization.

If your shipment does not ship within 7 days of the order placement, that authorization automatically expires. That does not mean your order is canceled, and in most cases, no further action is required. When your order does ship, if the authorization has expired, we still charge your card.

PayPal Express Checkout

When you place your order with PayPal express checkout, we only authorize your PayPal account. When your order ships, we charge against that authorization. Unlike direct payments, however, when that authorization expires, there is no way for us to charge your order without customer intervention. PayPal authorizations usually expire about 29 days after the original order was placed. There is no way for us to extend the authorization window, and reauthorizations do not change the original authorization expiration date.

In order for us to ship your order after the 29-day window, we will contact you with instructions. We will send you a link that will redirect you to PayPal's website where you can quickly make a new payment for the order. We will authorize and charge your account and then ship your order.

Payment Declined at the Time of Shipping

If we are unable to charge your order at the time of shipping due to a payment decline, we will hold your order and email you with instructions to fix the situation. If you paid directly with a credit card, we will provide you with a link where you can re-enter your payment information and verify that the charge was successfully processed.

If you paid with PayPal express and we were unable to charge your card due to payment decline, we will email you with instructions as well. The fastest way to solve this issue is to pay directly with a credit card, but alternatively, you can pay with PayPal again, although it will require you to cancel and placing a new order on our website.

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