How to Create Project Content for Saleae

Write about your electronics project and get paid!

The support article below lists some past submissions from our community of users who have created project content using our Logic analyzers. Feel free to use them as reference, and check out some unique and amazing electronics projects!

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General Requirements

[ ] “High effort” - it’s clear you cared, and you put some time on this. [ ] 1000+ words [ ] 5+ pictures/video [ ] Focused on your project, not focused on Saleae. [ ] It’s clear from your writing that you’re genuinely excited about your project. [ ] Includes mention of Saleae as described below. [ ] Use Logic Software v2.x. If you need to use an older version, let us know.


$200 USD for a project writeup meeting the requirements described here. You can receive a discount code to be used on our website at, or you can receive your reward via Paypal.

Suggestions for what to write about

  • Why did you want to build this?

  • How did you get the idea?

  • How did you learn what you needed to learn for this project?

  • What was the hardest part of the project?

  • Where did you get the parts for this project?

    • Links?

  • What does the project do?

    • Pictures/video?

  • Did you produce any:

    • schematics

    • PCB designs

    • software

    • spice simulations

    • (images? downloads?)

  • How did you assemble the project

    • Pictures?

  • What equipment did you use on this project?

  • What software tools or websites did you use for this project?

    • Links, pictures?

  • Which components did you use on this project?

    • Links, pictures?

  • How did you choose the components?

  • Why did you choose the components you did?

  • What is the function of the various components?

    • Sketches, drawings?

  • What lessons did you learn from this project?

    • Top takeaways?

  • What past lessons-learned influenced this project?

  • What improvements would you like to make to the project?

    • Improvement wish-list?

  • What project(s) do you want to work on next?

Saleae Part

[ ] Include a picture that clearly shows the logic analyzer. [ ] If applicable to your writeup, include a screenshot of some waveforms. [ ] Describe: what did you use the logic analyzer to help with? [ ] Would you recommend the logic analyzer? Why, why not? (no impact on reward) [ ] Include a link to the Saleae website. (

When you’re done

Contact us and include the following information:

[ ] Include a link to your publicly hosted article. [ ] Include this in your email: “I grant Saleae CC BY-SA rights for this content.” (i.e., give us permission to post your article on our website, and make edits for grammar and format. [ ] Include your preferred way of claiming your reward: Discount Code for our website, or Paypal.

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