How to Create Project Content for Saleae

Write about your awesome project and get paid!

General Requirements

[ ] “High effort” - it’s clear you cared, and you put some time on this. [ ] 1000+ words [ ] 5+ pictures/video [ ] Focused on your project, not focused on Saleae. [ ] It’s clear from your writing that you’re genuinely excited about your project. [ ] Includes mention of Saleae as described below. [ ] Use Logic Software v2.x. If you need to use an older version, let us know.


$200 USD for a project writeup meeting the requirements described here. Sparkfun or Adafruit gift certificate, Paypal, or check (US bank).

Suggestions for what to write about

  • Why did you want to build this?

  • How did you get the idea?

  • How did you learn what you needed to learn for this project?

  • What was the hardest part of the project?

  • Where did you get the parts for this project?

    • Links?

  • What does the project do?

    • Pictures/video?

  • Did you produce any:

    • schematics

    • PCB designs

    • software

    • spice simulations

    • (images? downloads?)

  • How did you assemble the project

    • Pictures?

  • What equipment did you use on this project?

  • What software tools or websites did you use for this project?

    • Links, pictures?

  • Which components did you use on this project?

    • Links, pictures?

  • How did you choose the components?

  • Why did you choose the components you did?

  • What is the function of the various components?

    • Sketches, drawings?

  • What lessons did you learn from this project?

    • Top takeaways?

  • What past lessons-learned influenced this project?

  • What improvements would you like to make to the project?

    • Improvement wish-list?

  • What project(s) do you want to work on next?

Saleae Part

[ ] Include a picture that clearly shows the logic analyzer. [ ] If applicable to your writeup, include a screenshot of some waveforms. [ ] Describe: what did you use the logic analyzer to help with? [ ] Would you recommend the logic analyzer? Why, why not? (no impact on reward) [ ] Include a link to the Saleae website. (

When you’re done

Contact us and include the following information:

[ ] Include a link to your publicly hosted article. [ ] Include this in your email: “I grant Saleae CC BY-SA rights for this content.” (i.e., give us permission to post your article on our website, and make edits for grammar and format. [ ] Include your preferred way of claiming your reward: Sparkfun gift card, Adafruit gift card, Paypal, or Check.