Apple M1 Support

Starting in version 2.3.38, we've implemented updates to the Logic 2 software which improves stability while running on Apple's new M1 processor. Please note that the Logic 2 app will require Rosetta to be installed, which acts as a translation layer to allow Intel-based software like our Logic 2 app to run on Apple's M1 processor.
In Logic 2 versions prior to 2.3.38, our logic analyzers periodically failed to capture data via ReadTimeout errors. When the ReadTimeout occurred, it was usually accompanied by a DeviceSetupFailure error message, a blinking red LED on the Logic pod, and/or a requirement to disconnect and reconnect Logic. These issues have since been solved in versions starting 2.3.38.
Please contact us if you notice any issues with running our latest software on Apple's M1 processor.

Alternate Workaround (Logic 1.x)

In addition to the Logic 2 software, our older Logic 1.x software (v1.2.29) is also known to work with Apple's M1 processor. In case you run into issues with running the Logic 2 software, you may try this version of the software.