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Saleae RMA Customer Device Testing Procedure


Before processing an RMA with Saleae, please follow the checklist below so we can verify that the problem is with the hardware and not a software or driver issue.

  1. Special notice about USB 3.0 cables shipped with Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 16 between November 2015 and January 2016. If your Logic Pro 8 or Logic Pro 16 does not work properly with the provided USB 3.0 cable on one or more PCs, even if it does work in some cases, please see this notice: USB 3.0 cable customer notice

  2. If your device is not working, please first review our general device connection troubleshooting guide at The device is not connecting properly to either the computer or the software

  3. Please perform the following tests:

    • Test the device on a second PC.
    • Test the device with another USB cable.
    • Test the device on other USB ports.

    If the device does not work properly on any PC, please see the bottom of this article about contacting support for RMA.

  4. Contacting Saleae support for an RMA.

    • Please write to Saleae customer support with the following information:

    • Which device you are using (Logic 4, Logic 8, Logic Pro 8, Logic Pro 16, the original Logic, or the original Logic16)

    • All the products have similar names, so please be sure to use the full name of the device so there is no confusion (e.g., "original Logic" vs. "new Logic 8") and be sure to include "pro" for the pro devices so you can be sure to get the right replacement.
    • The color of the device, either black or red
    • The software version(s) you have tested with (the software version is in the title bar of the software)
    • The operating system of each PC you tested with (please test with 2 different computers)
    • Your shipping address
    • Your phone number
    • A quick list of the tests you were able to run and their results

For all device RMAs, Saleae will provide return shipping. We provide UPS labels for RMAs inside the United States, and we provide FedEx return labels for RMAs internationally.

The Saleae warranty is three years. If your device is out of warranty, please contact Saleae anyway for possible alternatives.

If the damage to the device was the result of an accident, please indicate that. We may still be able to repair or replace the device under the warranty. (We do not guarantee warranty coverage of all accidental damage; we evaluate each case individually.)

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