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Keyboard Shortcuts


(On OSX, CTRL is replaced by Command)

Start a Capture: CTRL-R

Stop a Capture: ESC, or Enter (presses the Stop button)

*Move right/left: *Right/Left arrow Keys (Add CTRL to move faster.)

Zoom in/out. Up/Down Arrow Keys (Add CTRL to move faster.) Also Plus and Minus (+/-)

Zoom to region: Shift+Click and drag over region to zoom

Zoom all the way out: Ctrl+0

Place timing markers: All numbers 1=A1, 2=A2, 3=B1, and so on.

Add measurement: "M". then click twice to place both ends of the measurement.

Add bookmark: "B". then type the name for that bookmark

Jump to next/previous bookmark: CTRL+N/CTRL+P

Open Options Menu: ALT-O

Save Session: CTRL-S

Save Session, Settings Only: CTRL-SHIFT-S

Open Session: CTRL-O

Export Data: CTRL-E

Take Screenshot: CTRL-I

Change Radix: SHIFT-A (Ascii) CTRL-H (Hex) CTRL-B (Binary) CTRL-D (Decimal) CTRL+SHIFT+A (Ascii & Hex). Note that this changes the global radix.

Jump left/right to next edge: N (Next), P (Previous). Note that this apples to the channel where you last clicked the Next/Previous button (appears at the beginning/end of a channel).

Jump to next/previous trigger event: SHIFT+N/SHIFT+P

Jump to trigger location (time 0): Home

Jump to end of capture: End

Scroll Channels Up/Down: Page Up/Page Down. Note this applies when more channels are viable than fit vertically on the screen. Use CONTROL to scroll to top or bottom.

Resize selected channels: CTRL-1, CTRL-2, CTRL-3, and CTRL-4 for each of the four channel sizes.

Select all channels: CTRL-A

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