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Older Changelog


Bugs Fixed in 1.1.31:

Fix for bug that caused search results to be empty when one of the analyzers were disabled All analyzers have search results now. Fix for - Duplicate results in SPI “Decoded Protocols” Fix for - Search string doesn't get erased or used after you click "show all results". Fix for - Software crashes when lowering sample rate automatically ( after the dialog box pops up ) Enabling and disabling channels will retain channel names Fix for - Software crashes sometimes when the capture is stopped at near end of completion LED settings has an OFF option Fix for - After saving a capture, the tab note doesn't change to the file name. Exporting only analog channels now works. Exporting of calibrated voltages is now supported for .csv files. Exporting data between timing markers is now supported. Fixed bug that would cause the software to freeze when loading a session. Updated Socket API to work with all supported function calls in SDK. Fixed bug where a measurement would not disappear when you hide the channel it was placed on. Fixed bug in OSX calibration where samples were not being lined up at all. Instantaneous measurement now shows up in screenshots created in the software. Channels names are now saved even when the channel no longer exists for the currently selected device. Measurements now default their name to the name of the channel they are placed on. Fix for - CPU utilization maxes out when Search is enabled. USB 3.0 support now working on Linux Added feature to enable all 16 channels of Logic Pro 16 when connected over USB 2.0. (note, this may require a powered USB 2.0 hub. Details in software preferences)

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.30

  1. Crash bug when closing the device settings popover by clicking in the graph area with a capture active
  2. High CPU usage even after data have finished processing and indexing for search
  3. Switching tabs while protocol search was disabled caused crash  

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.29

  1. Bug preventing user from disabling some SPI channels
  2. Crash bug when loading capture with unused analyzers
  3. Protocol search: Overhaul fixing crash bugs when switching tabs, loading and saving, closing tabs, starting captures, and more
  4. Crash bug when closing the device settings popover by clicking in the graph area with a capture active
  5. Protocol search: Bug where changing tabs would overwrite enabled analyzers
  6. Protocol search: Bug was that *.csv was not appended to file name
  7. Digital processing speed for new products significantly improved. Processing with analog still slow; will no longer slow down digital in next release.
  8. Re-enabled logic setup files
  9. Fixed crash when stopping a capture before the trigger is active with one or more analyzers active
  10. Calibration support added. Phase between digital and analog, DC accuracy, and analog frequency response now supported. See preferences dialog for calibration information about your device. It may be up to 1 week before all cal files are updated. See calibration documentation for more information.
  11. Timing marker units now shown when not expanded.
  12. Fixed issue where timing markers didn’t display properly when the trigger was used.
  13. Fixed most common crash bug: integer sign error in analog measurement.
  14. Updated HD44780 analyzer to support protocol results.
  15. Fixed crash bug when changing capture settings before previous capture’s analyzers had finished.

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.28

  1. Protocol bubbles and measurements are MUCH easier to read.
  2. Added tool tips and shortcut info to menus.
  3. Added preferences tab for calibration data .
  4. Added disabled element UI support to performance selection.
  5. Updated performance options to support 100, 80, 60, 40, and 20 percent.
  6. Fixed bug where closing the trigger settings popover could crash the software.
  7. Fixed bug with performance option no longer a valid message.
  8. Fixed analyzer simulation crash bug for Logic 8 and the pro devices.
  9. Fixed bug where changing the capture settings after capturing with an analyzer caused crashes.
  10. Fixed bug where double-clicking a logicdata file didn't open that file.
  11. Fixed bug where double-clicking the stop capture button crashed the software.
  12. Fixed bug where software would crash if non-ASCII characters were in protocol search path.
  13. Fixed analyzer simulation crash bug for all new products.
  14. Fixed issue where software crashed when running on Windows with a username that has non-ASCII characters.

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.27

  1. Bug added in 1.1.26 that caused software to crash on launch after upgrading from previous version, under common circumstances.
  2. Fixed launch error "attempting to reference memory" affecting Windows 7 x64 users.

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.26

  1. Fixed crash bug with sample rate performance options.
  2. Fixed several display issues with voltage measurements.

Bug Fixes in 1.1.25

  1. Logic 16 5V support has been re-implemented.
  2. XFCE desktop where you couldn't edit timing duration.
  3. Linux crash when run as root.

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.24

  1. Added Logic 8 support.
  2. UI issues with KDE desktop environment fixed.
  3. Fixed load old file bug.
  4. Pulse counters now use more than 4 characters to output result.
  5. Capture save button now waits for capture to end.
  6. Logic 4 firmware update.
  7. Multiple issues with the settings popover.
  8. Fixed Ubuntu 12.04 backward compatibility issue.
  9. And many more!

Bugs Fixed in 1.1.23

  1. Opening old save files now works.
  2. Fixed bug where long captures would get corrupted.
  3. Software now accurately calculates memory being used by the current capture.
  4. Instantaneous measurement no longer displays when your mouse is over an analyzer bubble.
  5. Fixed crash when simulating Logic 4 and then you plug in a device.
  6. Fixed crash issues with Protocol Search disabled.
  7. And many more!

New Features in 1.1.21+*

  1. Logic 4 + 8 + Pro 8 + Pro 16 support
  2. Drag N' Drop Channel Reordering
  3. Channel selection
  4. Scrollable channel area
  5. Tons of new hotkeys and shortcuts
  6. New voltage measurement tool for analog
  7. Estimated memory usage now displayed in start popover
  8. Processing progress for capture now displayed in titlebar
  9. Various bug fixes

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