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Saleae Logic Beta Software


Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that starting with the 1.2.9 release, the Saleae software is out of beta. The last beta version was 1.2.8.

You can download the latest Saleae Logic software on the main downloads page, or you can download it here. Additional downloads can also be found here.

Saleae Logic 1.2.17


Logic Setup 1.2.17.exe

Mac OS X 10.8+ Logic-1.2.17-Darwin.dmg

Linux 64 bit: Logic 1.2.17 (64-bit).zip

Windows Standalone releases. Note, these released include the newly required Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 runtime. The included readme provides additional details. The runtime needs to be installed before the software will be able to run.

Windows 32 bit standalone:

Windows 64 bit standalone:

Linux 64 bit compatibility release - not yet tested after update to QT 5.7. Logic 1.2.17 (64-bit)

If you have any trouble with the 1.2.17 software, please report it! We would like to get any issues resolved before posting this to the main download page.

The release notes can be found here: Saleae Logic Beta Software Changelog

Older versions of the software can be found here: Older Saleae Logic Beta Downloads

Thanks and kind regards,

The Saleae Software Team

trello ID: 57215d3652df20af2766c129
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