Shipping Orders to Russia

Rules and Restrictions

Due to Russian customs laws, certain restrictions exist that prevents us from being able to ship to Russia in cases of personal (non-business) use. These restrictions are summarized below:
  • Orders to Russia must be shipping directly to a company who can clear the shipment for official business use
  • Orders cannot be shipped to private individuals
DHL's official notice for this is shared in the screenshot below.
DHL Notice for Shipping Restrictions to Private Individuals

Background Information on Restrictions

We have experienced many difficulties in the past with shipments going to Russia, and packages have been returned to us after months of being stuck at Russian customs. This is very disappointing for both us and for the party placing the order. Our only successful attempts have been to official businesses from Russian companies who can clear the shipment for official business use, and are able to ship with their DHL account.
Last modified 9mo ago