Time & Memory Saving Tools

Faster post-processing of analog captures

After a capture, analog data can be processed faster if Upsampled Pipeline is disabled.

Faster post-processing of decoded protocols

You can disable the Decoded Protocols search window located on the bottom-right of the software. This will disable software indexing of the decoded protocols and will remove the ability to search protocol results. This allows for faster post-processing of decoded protocols when using a protocol analyzer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The software includes various keyboard shortcuts to set up and start captures, add measurements, and utilize other functions that will help save the user time. See: Keyboard Shortcuts

Saving and Loading Software Settings

The software settings can be saved and loaded at a later time, allowing the user to recall a particular setup. This is especially useful when jumping back and forth between multiple test setups. See: Saving and Loading Software Settings

Reducing Capture File Disk Usage

The file size of a capture file (.logicdata file) can be significantly reduced by zipping it to a compressed folder. This is especially useful when sending your capture file over the network.

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