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How do you say (pronounce) Saleae?


Saleae is pronounced say-lee-"a", with the emphasis (stress) on the first syllable, as in SAY-lee-"a". As you may have guessed, our customers tend to come up with their own pronunciation, and that's perfectly ok with us :)

The word Saleae has no great meaning or significance, other than we thought it sounded cool and was avalible. As we brainstormed different possible company names, we used the periodic table, so we're fairly sure that "selenium" was part of the origination. Some have pointed out that no one can spell or say Saleae, so therefore it's not a good name, and some of the time I agree, although Nike, Acura, and Ubuntu have managed to pull though. It's what you do that matters to people in the end.

Mark and I (Joe) came up with the name Saleae in 2005, actually, so that we could register an LLC for our various entrepreneurial ideas - this was three years before the "logic analyzer" Saleae really started. Before Logic we worked on a number of side-project ideas, involving palm pilots, two different MySpace Flash widgets, an exercise add-on for the Nintendo Gamecube (jump=go), a children's video game with an interactive stuffed animal, and a universal remote for your PC. During this time we decided that we needed to build a great logic analyzer, for our own projects if nothing else!

trello ID: 575f014daa73441bc20b846b
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