What Is Simulation Mode and Why Am I Seeing Random Data and/or Sample Protocol Data in the Capture?

When the software is not connected to a device, it switches into a simulation mode so potential users can explore the features of the software before deciding to buy the unit.

You can tell if the software is in simulation mode or normal mode by checking the title bar and the start button.

  • In normal mode, the title bar will say "Connected," and the green start button will say "Start."
  • In simulation mode, the title bar will say "Disconnected," and the green start button will say "Start Simulation."

If you have a device attached but the software is in simulation mode, please see this article: The device is not connecting properly to either the computer or the software

In simulation mode, when you press Start Simulation, the capture will proceed, and the results will contain data that appear to transition randomly.

If any protocol analyzers were added to the session before the simulation mode was run, they will replace the random data with valid protocol data so each protocol analyzer can be demonstrated.

In simulation mode, in the device settings popover, you will notice that there are 4 devices listed so each one can be simulated. For more information about the simulated devices, see this article: Why does the software show that there are 4 logic analyzers attached, when that is not the case?

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