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What programming languages are supported by the scripting API? What about terminal clients?


The scripting API operates using text commands through a TCP socket. Any programming language that can open a TCP socket client and sent null terminated strings can use the API.

We provide an example application in C#. However, other users have written a python version. You can find both on the SDK page here: Socket API.

Terminal clients

To use a terminal client, either command line based or otherwise, you need to be able to send the null character, which is not a typical feature of these applications. Null characters are usually escaped like this: '\0'


  • Connect in "raw" mode. Type:
  • CAPTURE (or other command)
  • then hold ctrl and shift. (press and hold ctrl first). then press the 2 key (to type "@").
  • Then press enter..

netcat (Linux):

telnet (Windows):

  • Not sure how to send null bytes, may not be possible.

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