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How to export serial protocol results to a raw binary file.


The async serial analyzer in the Saleae software only supports one export option. This export mode creates a text file with comma separated values that is intended to be easy to open with excel.

If you would prefer to export a binary file, who's contents are strictly the values decoded from the serial protocol analyzer, without timestamps or other metadata, this can be accomplished by using a utility to convert from the csv export format to a binary file.

  1. Change the display radix to hexadecimal. How to change the display radix (base) of an analyzer, export mode, or other numeric display
  2. Export the serial analyzer results using the option on the serial analyzer's settings menu. Details here: Saving, Loading, and Exporting Data
  3. Download and extract the SaleaeUtility release from github here. Note: currently the release only contains the Windows runtime. Please write in if you need Linux or Mac support.
  4. Run SaleaeUtility.cmd from the command line with two arguments, the input csv file and the output binary file. SaleaeUtility.cmd \path\to\input\file.csv \path\to\output\file.bin
  5. Done!

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