Backward and Forward Compatibility Support for *.logicdata Files and How to Run Multiple Versions at Once

*.logicdata files are forward compatible. That means that files saved with older versions of the software can be opened by newer versions of the software.

However, backward compatibility is not supported. You cannot open newer files with other versions of the software.

Running Multiple Versions at Once

If you need to work in an environment with multiple versions of the Saleae Logic software, we recommend using stand-alone installs, which can be installed side-by-side, instead of using the normal installed software where only one version can be installed at once.

Look for stand-alone versions of the current software and older versions here:

Error Loading 1.1.15 Files in the Latest Beta Software

If you are unable to load older files in the newer software, this is a bug. Details on reporting bugs: The software has crashed, or I have discovered a bug.

Please also include a copy of the file that won't open.

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