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Logic Software - Installation


Downloading the Latest Software

Saleae Logic Beta Software

You can install this software on as many machines as you like.


Checking if You Have the Latest Version

With the Logic Software open, click the Options button at the top right of the software.  There is a menu item, 3rd from the bottom, containing update availability information.

Installing for Windows
Simply download and run the installer - it is the same as other software you have installed in the past. During the installation, you will be prompted if you want to trust software from Saleae (you do). This is because we install a driver for the Logic hardware.

Installing for Mac
Simply download, double click, and drag the Logic software into the Application Folder - the same as you would when installing other Mac software.

Installing for Linux
Download the zip file and extract it. The software will run from this folder. You can leave this folder on your desktop, or move it anywhere you like that has write permissions Launch the Logic software by opening the folder and double-clicking the Logic executable. You may wish to make a shortcut to this executable for more convenient access.

Installing for Linux - Driver

Before using the software with the Logic hardware, you'll need to give the application permission to access the device (otherwise you'll have to launch the application with sudo).  To do this, unplug any attached Logic device(s), and from the command line, navigate to the Driver folder and run the script

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