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What is the worst case channel to channel skew?


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What is the worst case channel to channel skew?

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  • if two inputs record the same signal, is it possible that the recorded capture will be different?


First, it is important to understand Asynchronous Sampling and Channel to Channel Skew

The worst case channel to channel skew is 1 sample.

If recording the same signal with two different channels, the reason they may be off by 1 sample is because of small differences in the propagation delay both inside and outside of the logic analyzer and differences in the threshold voltage between the two channels.

Original Question

If I am driving 16-bit square wave, is it possible that sometimes the 16-channels will display different data? If the sample point is really close to the edge . . . then this could happen, right? Let’s assume that from my hardware, all 16 pins change at precisely the same time and travel precisely the same distance to the LP16.

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